Join us February 28th

to pack City Hall and call on our city:

Invest in our futures, not injustice. 



When: February 28, 2019, 2pm

Where: Ianella Chamber, 5th floor,

Boston City Hall

Boston City Council will hold a Hearing on 'Pension fund disclosure, socially responsible investment, and reinvestment,' called by City Councilors Lydia Edwards, Michelle Wu, and Matt O'Malley. Read the hearing order.


After a huge community meeting on January 15th, convened by Corrections Accountability Project, Center for Economic Democracy & Boston  Ujima Project, we're joining across movements and organizations to demand our city officials DIVEST from industries and systems that harm Black, Indigenous, and communities of color at home and abroad.  We cannot stand by while city funds profit from prisons & detention, surveillance, militarization, occupation and fossil fuel corporations. We will share with our city officials a collective vision to REINVEST in a community-led vision for human justice, equity, and wellbeing for our city.


Divestment movements of the last several decades have shown the power of moving public and private funds away from corporate actors responsible for systemic violence against our communities. With the City of Boston facing unprecedented inequality and impending environmental crisis, we are urging our city to take steps toward divesting our municipal funds from harmful and financially risky corporations, and reinvesting in solutions led by the communities most impacted by oppression.


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